I specialize in "Emotionally Focused Therapy" (EFT). EFT is scientifically-based therapy used to treat relationship struggles. EFT is supported by extensive research, which show EFT has the greatest effect compared to all other couple intervention methods (Johnson et al., 1999). EFT has been effectively used in many culturally diverse groups, and in many university training centers worldwide. I have been facilitating EFT since 2006 and I have treated over 1000 clients. I have personally witnessed positive transformations credited to EFT. For more information on EFT, please visit the EFT page.

I use EFT to help my clients learn conflict-resolution strategies, effective communication skills, and teamwork. Patients who have experienced EFT gain increased trust, intimacy, and connection in their relationships. Research studies demonstrate 90% improvement when using EFT in almost all couples, with low relapse rate.