Trauma is an emotional wound from a person's past that subconsciously interferes with everyday life. I treat trauma in individuals, couples, and families. I see clients of all cultural backgrounds, gender and sexual orientations, and age (6 yrs+). In a one-on-one individual setting, I address trauma to improve self-esteem, productivity, mindfulness, and overall fulfillment. For couples, I treat underlying emotional issues to increase couple intimacy. In a family setting, I help parents understand how underlying trauma can affect their parenting to more strongly connect with their children.

I use EMDR and EFT therapies to help all my clients heal, overcome their emotional baggage, and find renewed happiness and confidence. I have over ten years of experience treating trauma and I attest to its effectiveness and lasting success. To schedule an appointment, contact me at 949-954-0750. For information on my insurance policy, please visit my fees and insurance page.

You may have trauma if you:

  • overreact/respond to certain situations irrationally
  • feel stuck although you want to move forward
  • suffer from addiction
    • alcohol
    • drugs
    • smoking
    • food
    • gambling
    • sex
    • pornography
    • shopping
    • abusive relationship
    • video games
  • have anxiety
  • have depression
  • have PTSD
  • have body image issues
  • have experienced a life-threatening event
    • war
    • rape
    • kidnapping
    • assault
    • natural disasters
  • have experienced a strongly negative event
    • Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual)
    • Relocation
    • Death
    • Job loss
    • Hurtful comments from an authority figure
    • Bullying
    • Failing grades